Pablo Briales begans his career in the house progressive style.Later he meets Ruben Cano and join their musical knowledge to creates the Pebles and New Vision Duo.Their sessions are made out between a mixture of musical styles that don´t let anyone indiferent.

Several of their tracks published b the best spanish labels like Tusom,Distinti rec,Digital poisonSunset,Synergy…etc,had inspired the big crowd on the dance floor in national and intrnational clubs like Heaven (Madrid),Copellia (Madrid),Ribelinos (Barcelona),Opiun Mar (Barcelona),Bavaria (Gran Canaria),Manhatan (Gran Canaria),Babilonia (Ibiza),Sobremonte (Argentina),Terapia (Argentia),Kapital (Brasil),Viva (Colombia)…etc

They also had their own radioshow in wich the best Spanish artist like,Deformation,Sergio Fernandez,Ismael Rivas,Ivan Pica,Raul Cremona and many more went throught.

After this Pablo Briales begins on his own a new phase to create a new musical concept.

In this period Pablo Briales got a lot of success as a producer reaching the number one of techouse of Beatport,the greatest worldwide page for dis,producers and promotors with his track “ THE CAP “.He also hit the number 16 with his truck “ SOLER “ and the number 10 with the track “ MI TIERRA “,with his friend and partner Abel the Kid.